Raspberry Pi + Reaver + Aircrack-ng = ReaverPi?

I did some reading about Reaver-WPS and tried it on my own laptop, it worked well. Then I started to think about using it on my Raspberry Pi and tried to make my own Debian image, but failed to make it. So I did the next best thing and used Rasbian, that Raspberry Pi supports and I know it works. Using SSH connection to it, I didn’t need to flip between DVI and HDMI displays on my monitor.

I used Johan Rybergs guide to compile Reaver and Aircrack-ng, you can find it here: http://securit.se/en/2012/03/kompilera-reaver-ubuntu-12-04/

Now, there was a problem while trying to compile Reaver, you need gcc-4.7, but Rasbian has gcc-4.6 as default, so just install it and update the gcc symbolic link in /usr/bin/ to point on the gcc-4.7 and then configure and make reaver.

Now you just need to configure your WIFI adapter to work on your Pi, google for linux sources or it might work right away.

I will start do some testing on performance tomorrow, and I will post the results as soon as the crack is done and I have time to analyse the data.